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Internship Guide

Information for all stages of the Internship process: before, during, and after

Community Service

Central Penn College is committed to a philosophy of community service that prepares graduates to be contributing members of society. More than just an obligation, community service is an opportunity to learn, grow and gain social skills vital to life.

All Central Penn students who started prior to Summer 2019--including continuing education, transfer students, and students that changed majors or degree levels--are required to complete community service hours in order to graduate: 50 hours for bachelor's degree students and 25 for associate degree students.

Students who started in Summer 2019 or later do NOT need to complete documented community service--although they are encouraged to do so.

The hours can be earned any time throughout a student's education, through service to on-campus and/or off-campus organizations, but the hours must be volunteer and service-oriented to qualify. 

*Please note that community service hours may be awarded to students based on prior experience if sufficient documentation is provided to the student’s advisor.

Hours should be noted in a log provided by the college (see below) and are submitted through the internship course, capstone course, or a program-specific clinical coordinator.

*If you're not sure if you need to complete community service hours, please contact your advisor.