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Internship Guide

Information for all stages of the Internship process: before, during, and after

Final Internship Report - Bachelor's Degree

Please follow the outline below to assist you in creating your final written report.  You can include other topics as well, but be sure to address the different sections of the outline. 

Depending on the type of company or organization you worked for, some sections will have more or less information--that is fine.  Some internship sites will provide interns with official policies, orientation, and/or documentation--while others might be more informal.  If your site did not provide formal policies, describe what you observed and/or were told were the normal operating policies for that site and its employees.

The report should be in a narrative, sentence format (not simply an outline) and at least 10 pages double-spaced with proper grammar and a professional presentation of ideas.


Final Report Outline

1. Provide a constructive analysis of the organizational structure of your internship site.

  • You can start with the organizational chart, but then describe the structure and how it works at your site, including how you as an intern fit into the structure.  How does the structure at your site compare to other companies/organizations in the same industry?

2. Write a complete statement covering the organizational policies governing your conduct as an employee during working hours.

  • If your site did not have an official policy, write about what you were told was expected of your conduct--personal phone usage, break times, wearing company ID/badge, etc.

3. Delineate company policies and procedures.

  • In contrast to point 2, this should describe how the company/organization operates.

4. Compose a job description for an intern student at your site that includes:

a. List of responsibilities

b. Required experience/previous knowledge

c. Salary range and benefits, if hired after internship

5. Describe an employee in your office who you believe is an "excellent" employee.  Be sure to document [i.e. be specific--provide examples] why you chose this person and how you intend to become more like this person.

6. Describe your overall experience while interning with this company/organization.

a. What was included in your orientation? (Was it formal or informal?)

b. What skills did you learn/polish?

c. What was the most difficult experience of your internship?  How did you handle it?

d. List other positions/responsibilities at your internship site.

e. How did the other positions/responsibilities contribute to the project/activities with which you worked?

f. List (in order of importance) your responsibilities and tasks.

g. How were you able to apply course content to your internship?

h. What was the best part of your internship?

i. Do you feel prepared to begin your career?

j. What recommendations and/or words of wisdom do you have for future interns at this site?