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CTE - Assessment Workbook

This guide provides information, resources, and templates for assessing student learning outcomes at Central Penn College.


All assessments should be linked to the College's foundational documents, including the College Mission and Institutional Learning Outcomes.


  • College Mission: All assessment processes are linked to the college’s mission statement and serve as a measurement for the college’s progress towards that mission.  


  • Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)Institutional learning outcomes (ILO) or the knowledge, skills, behaviors, attitudes, and abilities that students develop as a result of their educational experience, including curriculum, programming, and services. The institutional learning outcomes function as a guide for program learning outcomes in each department.  By doing so, they shape the offerings of the departments, guide strategic planning, and assist with decision-making processes.  All programs will need to demonstrate how they align and fulfill the institutional learning outcomes; however, each program need not align and fulfill all institutional learning outcomes.  


An assessment cycle or is a calendar for assessing the various levels of institution, school, and program from the mission statements to embedded assessments.  An assessment cycle is driven by the institutional learning outcomes (ILO).