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CTE - Assessment Workbook

This guide provides information, resources, and templates for assessing student learning outcomes at Central Penn College.

Documenting, archiving, and reporting the assessment process and its products is important for a variety of reasons:

  1. Following-up on previous results, conclusions, and recommendations.
  2. Sharing the results of assessment with concerned stakeholders.
  3. Reviewing previous assessment processes and reusing them.
  4. Retrieving information for the purpose of program audits and self-study.
  5. Retrieving indirect and direct assessment measures for visiting site evaluators.

The following charts provide guidance on the documents, archiving, and reporting requirements at each level of the assessment process.  Examples are provided for each type of documentation, but this is not considered an exhaustive list.  


The first step in documenting, archiving, and reporting assessment begins at the course-level:


The second step in documenting, archiving, and reporting assessment is at the program-level where individual course assessments are collected and the data collated:


The final step in documenting, archiving, and reporting assessment is to archive the data you have collected during the process:


Download this resource here: