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Certificate & Diploma Programs at Central Penn College

Guides for the credit-bearing certificates at Central Penn

Applications Development Certificate Courses

Students are required to take 6 courses, totaling 18 credits:

  1. TEC120 Structured Programming
  2. TEC140 Microcomputer Systems
  3. TEC235 Object Oriented Programming I
  4. TEC240 Visual Basic for Applications
  5. TEC245 Internet Programming I
  6. TEC345 Internet Programming II

See also the Information Technology Program Guide - the Online research guide for Computer Information Systems and Information Technology majors

TEC120 Structured Programming books & ebooks

TEC140 Microcomputer Systems books & ebooks

TEC235 Object-Oriented Programming I books & ebooks

TEC240 Visual Basic for Applications books & ebooks

TEC245 Internet Programming I books & ebooks

TEC345 Internet Programming II