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Certificate & Diploma Programs at Central Penn College

Guides for the credit-bearing certificates at Central Penn

Surgical Technician Diploma courses

Students in this certificate program take 42 credits in 18 months. The core courses for the program are:

  1. ALH108 Medical Terminology and Pharmacology
  2. ALH112 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology I
  3. ALH122 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology II
  4. ALH255 Medical Law and Ethics
  5. BIO260 Microbiology
  6. SUR110 Fundamentals of Surgical Technology
  7. SUR115 Preoperative Techniques and Procedures
  8. SUR120 Intraoperative Techniques and Procedures
  9. SUR125 Surgical Pharmacology
  10. SUR130 Postoperative Techniques and Procedures
  11. SUR135 Surgical Specialties and Pathophysiology
  12. SUR140 Certification Exam Review
  13. SUR290 Internship (120 cases)

Online Resources

ALH108 Medical Terminology & Pharmacology books & ebooks

ALH112 Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology books & ebooks

ALH122 Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology II books & ebooks

ALH255 Medical Law & Ethics books & ebooks

BIO260 Microbiology books & ebooks

SUR110 Foundations of Surgical Technology

SUR115 Preoperative Techniques & Procedures

SUR120 Intraoperative Techniques & Procedures

SUR125 Surgical Pharmacology

SUR130 Postoperative Techniques & Procedures

SUR135 Surgical Specialties & Pathophysiology

SUR140 Surgical Tech Certification Exam Review