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Certificate & Diploma Programs at Central Penn College

Guides for the credit-bearing certificates at Central Penn

Medical Assisting Diploma courses

Students take 10 core courses totaling 30 credit hours.

  1. ALH102 Medical Assisting Administrative Skills I
  2. ALH104 Medical Assisting Clinical Skills I
  3. ALH106 Structure, Function, and Pathophysiology I
  4. ALH124 Medical Assisting Administrative Skills II
  5. ALH126 Medical Assisting Clinical Skills II
  6. ALH128 Structure, Function,  and Pathophysiology II
  7. ALH132 Health Insurance
  8. ALH134 Medical Assisting Clinical Skills III
  9. ALH136 Structure, Function, and Pathophysiology III
  10. ALH285 Medical Assisting Diploma Internship

See also the guide for the Medical Assisting Associate degree program.

ALH102 & 124 Medical Assisting Administrative Skills I & II

ALH104, 126, & 134 Medical Assisting Clinical Skills I-III

ALH106, 128, & 136 Structure, Function, & Pathophysiology of the Human Body I-III

ALH132 Healthcare Insurance