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Certificate & Diploma Programs at Central Penn College

Guides for the credit-bearing certificates at Central Penn

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Certificate courses

Students take 5 core courses and 1 elective course, totaling 18 credits.

  1. BUS115 Business Accounting
  2. BUS220 Principles of Management
  3. BUS230 Principles of Marketing
  4. BUS245 Human Resources
  5. BUS270 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

Select one of the following: BUS235 Consumer Behavior, LGS250 Business Law, or BUS273 Entrepreneurship & Innovation in a Context of Crisis

See also the following guides for our Associate and Bachelor degree programs:

BUS115 Business Accounting books & ebooks

BUS220 Principles of Management books & ebooks

BUS230 Principles of Marketing books & ebooks

BUS235 Consumer Behavior books & ebooks

BUS245 Human Resources books & ebooks

BUS270 Entrepreneurship & Small Business books & ebooks

LGS250 Business Law books & ebooks (Choice)