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Research Exhibition Guide: 2017 Research Exhibition Day

Find everything you need to prepare and succeed.

Photos of Research Exhibition Day 2017

1st Place Poster

1st Place: Hanna Hinkle, Melissa Keckler, Kayla Kreeger, and Michelle Yeager

Research topic: A Study of the Correlation between Spinal Pain and the Impact of an Axial Load Produced by Backpacks in College Students

2nd Place Poster

2nd Place (tied): Michelle Cramer, Amanda Harris, Keziah Heisey, and Julia Mongeau

Research topic: The effects of strength training vs balance training on functional balance

2nd Place Poster - Johnathan Noss

2nd Place (tied): Johnathan Noss

Research topic: The Effect of Riparian Buffers on Stream Health

(Pictured with Professor Anne Bizup)

3rd Place Poster

3rd Place: Ashley Youngman

Research topic: How does mirror therapy effect the motor function of upper extremities in patients who have had a stroke?

Audience Favorite Poster

Audience Favorite: Angelina Stillman

Research topic: How music effects the body.

Student Alexandra Reider with poster

Alexandra Reider

Research topic: How effective are manual therapy techniques including massage therapy in improving posture and neck mobility for infants with torticollis?

Depth Drop Poster

Jacob Franks, Matt Guise, Jarrett Hoy, and Nathan Murtorff

Research topic: Depth drop height affect on vertical jump performance

(Not pictured: Matt Guise and Jarrett Hoy)

Diana Holoma Poster

Diana Holoma

Research topic: Do one on one sessions help in practicing stress relieving techniques, aide in reducing caregiver burden?

Donmoyer and Schuster Poster

Samantha Donmoyer, Hannah Kidwell, JoAnna Schuster, and Harley Wilson

Research topic: Shaking Palsy- Parkinson's Disease

(Not pictured: Hannah Kidwell and Harley Wilson)

Professor Adebanjo

Professor Adebanjo

Hayley Willier poster

Hayley Willier

Research topic: What is the effectiveness of sensory stimulation to improve arousal and alertness in patients in a coma?

Hettinger and Leister poster

Olivia Hettinger and Megan Leister

Research topic: How can a parent who is grieving benefit from group therapy when their child is diagnosed with autism?

Hope Harlacher poster

Hope Harlacher

Research topic: Is rhythmic auditory stimulation effective in functional mobility for clients with Parkinson's disease?

Media Club Poster

Media Club

Research topic: How Communication Helps Non-Profit Organizations

Megan Campbell poster

Megan Campbell

Research topic: Occupational Therapy and College Anxiety

Rebecca Munteanu poster

Rebecca Munteanu

Research topic: Are sensory interventions effective at decreasing undesirable behaviors in persons with developmental delays?

Lauren Hull's poster pictured with Hayley Willier

Lauren Hull (pictured right)

Research topic: What are the most effective occupational therapy interventions to decrease childhood obesity?

(Pictured with Hayley Willier, left)

Multiple Sclerosis poster

Michelle Cramer, Amanda Harris, Keziah Heisey, and Julia Mongeau

Research topic: Multiple Sclerosis 

(Not pictured: Michelle Cramer and Amanda Harris)

Yoga versus Crossfit poster

Samantha Donmoyer, Hannah Kidwell, JoAnna Schuster, and Harley Wilson

Research topic: Which better helps endurance - Yoga or Crossfit?

(Not pictured: Samantha Donmoyer and JoAnna Schuster)

Judging process

Judges with Ashley Youngman











Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Patterson

Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Patterson

Rutt, Harlacher, and Brandt

Professor Rutt with Hope Harlacher and Jackie Brandt

Rutt and Presby

Professor Rutt with Taylor Presby

Posters on display



Venue: Capital Blue Cross Theater