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Research Exhibition Guide: Organizing the Work

Find everything you need to prepare and succeed.

Organizing the Work

Depending on the course and assignment, your professor might give specific instructions on how to organize your group--or they might give no direction.  If your professor gives you instructions--follow whatever your professor says.  If your professor does not--see below for suggestions that could work on many situations.

*Determine what role(s) each group member will serve.  The role(s), and number of role(s), will depend on how many are in your group--and on the assignment/project.  All group members actively participate in the main 'work' of the group (e.g. making suggestions, doing problems/questions, writing a final report, etc.)

  • Leader/Facilitator/Manager--almost always needed in most groups
    • depending on how long long the project will take and how complicated it will be, the role of leader could rotate through group members
  • Record Keeper--responsible for keeping a record of the group ideas and suggestions, interactions, copies of files, etc.
  • Monitor--keeps the group on task, keeps track of how much each member participates, encourages/reminds those who aren't contributing, pulls back a member(s) dominating the conversation
    • this role could also rotate through group members, and/or be shared by more than one member

*Based on the complexity of the assignment/project, your group might want to identify additional steps (not specified by the professor) to be completed.

  • Example: if part of the project is to create a PowerPoint presentation of 10 slides, steps to complete that could include creating an opening slide, creating a Reference slide, creating slides about certain topics, etc. 

*Based on the final deadline of the assignment/project, decide on intermediate deadlines--in addition to any intermediate deadlines set by the professor.

  • the more complicated the assignment/project, the more intermediate deadlines your group should create
  • if one group member will submit material to the professor, deadlines for submission by group members to that person should be at least 1-2 days before the material is due to the professor

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