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Research Exhibition Guide: Template

Find everything you need to prepare and succeed.

A template has been provided as an example that shows all of the information that should be on your poster. You do not need to follow the template, but your poster should include: 

  • Title of the poster
  • Your name(s)
  • A description of the research process
  • References in a citation format (APA)

Contact the Library if you have any questions.

**Students presenting virtually**

You are required to use slides to present your research to the judges. The slides are the end-product; you will not be using a posterboard.

You can choose between using Teams or VoiceThread to submit your presentation. If you choose Teams, you must use Microsoft PowerPoint. If you choose VoiceThread you have the option to create slides created using Microsoft PowerPoint or Piktochart (or any other slide-based presentation tool). You can use the Research Template below if you would like to create a PowerPoint presentation. Both options require narration.

Digital presentations:

  • Should have no more than 12 slides
  • Be no more than 10 minutes long, once narrated

Instructions on how to use VoiceThread can be found in MyBlackboard - VoiceThread Resources for Students.

Here's a preview of what the template looks like when applied to a poster.

Don't like this template? Create your own. Be sure to include a title slide with your title and name(s), a slide describing your research process, and a slide with your references in a citation format (APA).  These websites provide free templates that may help you create something eyecatching:

Chat with a Librarian

Contact the Library

The Library will be open 10am to 2pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the term.

Remember the Learning Hub is also open with lots of great faculty and staff willing to help with tutoring, advising, and general questions.


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