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Research Exhibition Guide: 2021 Research Exhibition

Find everything you need to prepare and succeed.

2021 Presentations

The 2021 Research Exhibition Participants!

Johnathan Rabon: Debunking COVID-19 myths  [Tied for Best Poster]

Isabelle Cruz: Does mindfulness meditation therapy help adolescents reduce anxiety?   [Tied for Best Poster]

Jessika Shuller & Kaycee Wright: Do mental hospitals treat mental illness?  [Audience pick for Best Poster]

Catherine Rivera: Is plant medicine safer than NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)?

Olivia Monday: Does play-based intervention enhance social skills for children with ADHD?

Kodi Haymes, Kris Davis, & Melissa Chase: Wearable technology and physical activity: Is there a positive correlation?

Danielle Malcolm: Do weighted blankets improve the sleep participation in children with autism?

Amy Alcantara: Does art therapy decrease anxiety in geriatrics dementia patients?

Shannon Martin, Kasey Wire, & Lauren Leshko: Kinesio-taping compared to Ace wrap in improving performance of the knee

Alexandra Paparo: How does horticultural occupational therapy affect physical rehabilitation of patients post-stroke?

Harleigh Church: Does virtual reality therapy help to reduce phantom limb pain in amputees?

Margaux Large, Rachel Loboda, & Dominique Thomas-McClurkin: Muscle explosiveness with standing broad jump: Open chain vs closed chain exercise program

Emily Brocht, Danielle Gleim, Ashlyn Bornman: Fit vs non-fit effects on balance

Rachel Layton: Autism, anxiety and animal assisted therapy

Suzanna Saylor: Do therapy swings increase body awareness in children with autism?

Katt Fischer: Holistic treatment of hypothyroidism

Hunter Wray & Brittanie Silk (not in attendance): How knowledge of weight being lifted affects amount of weight able to be lifted.

Holly Willing, Marissa Rabold, & Lindsay Humes: The effect of diaphragmatic breathing on muscle

Brianna Soltis: How does music therapy increase social skills in children with autism?

Alexa Twigg: Do fidget tools help children with ADHD increase their concentration in school?

Dayna Gossage: The use of dry needling in occupational therapy to help veterans decrease dependence on opiods

Patrick Navin & David To: Effects of static stretching on muscle strength