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Business: Marketing: Marketing Courses (AS)

Online research guide for Business majors--Marketing concentration and for Marketing Associate's Degree

Marketing Courses Associate in Science degree program requirements

The Associate in Science in Marketing degree (AS) requires 21 credits of general education and elective coursework, in addition to 39 credits of core courses, totaling 60 credits. As part of the general education requirements, students must choose to take either PSY100 Psychology or SOC100 Sociology to fulfill the scientific reasoning requirement, and BUS130 Macroeconomics to fulfill the Global Citizenship requirement

To see the courses for the Bachelor of Science, Business Administration Marketing concentration, please see Marketing Courses (BS) in the drop-down menu under "Marketing Courses."

BUS105 Fundamentals of Selling books & ebooks

BUS115 Business Accounting books & ebooks

BUS220 Principles of Management books & ebooks

BUS230 Principles of Marketing books & ebooks

BUS235 Consumer Behavior books & ebooks

BUS250 Advertising books & ebooks

BUS304 Strategic Planning & Marketing Communications books & ebooks

COM130 Public Relations books & e-books

COM225 Writing for Public Relations books & ebooks

COM303 Persuasion