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Blackboard Basics Guide


Announcements are a great way to ensure that students receive important information in a timely manner. The Announcements page is what students see first when they access a Blackboard course. Announcements can also be emailed to students when the Announcement is created.

Announcements can contain:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Video
  • Links to course content

Consider using Announcements to:

  • Welcome students at the beginning of the term
  • Remind students about important upcoming course activities
  • Inform students about changes in the course schedule such as a change in location
  • Let students know when grades and feedback on assignments are available

Weekly check-in Announcements can be a great way to keep everyone connected and on track regardless of course format. Consider creating video check-in Announcements, especially for online courses. This is an effective way to connect with students and to maintain your presence in a course.

Watch Blackboard's How to Create Announcements in Your Course video for an overview of the Announcements tool.

Then read through the Blackboard Announcements guide sheet for more detail regarding use of the Announcements tool.