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Blackboard Basics Guide


We learned previously that Central Penn courses utilize weekly folders for presenting coursework. 

Each weekly folder contains:

  • A Checklist
  • An Overview and Objectives
  • A sequential list of materials and activities

A model folder is provided in Coursework when courses are created for each term.  This structure is to be used regardless of how much content you are including in Blackboard.  Remember that the amount of content in Blackboard can vary depending on whether the course is online, blended, or on-ground. 

Keeping the Coursework folder structure consistent makes it much easier for students to navigate courses as they know what to expect and where to find things.    

One way to ensure that you stay on track with utilizing the standard weekly folder format is to copy the model folder to create your weekly folders.  After folders are copied you will need to edit the folder name and description.  You can also control when a folder is available for student access.  

Coursework folders should not be made available to students until they are complete. Generally, although this is not a requirement, weekly Coursework folders are opened Sundays at 11:59 PM to give students access to the following week's lessons. Another option is to have all Coursework folders open if your course is fully built when the term begins. If this is your preference, be sure students know that courses are not self-paced. 

The following guide sheets show how to copy and edit folders and change their availability: