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Blackboard Basics Guide


Blackboard provides a variety of ways to add content to a course. One of the most flexible types of course content is an Item.

Items can include text, files, multimedia (including videos), equations, links, tables, and more. 

The model weekly folder contains two Items, a Checklist and an Overview & Objectives, that you will need to edit.  You will also add resources and activities to weekly folders and possibly other places in the course.


View the videos in the Blackboard Items playlist to learn how to create and add content to Items.  Playlist videos will play automatically one after the other.  Or use the links below the playlist to view individual videos.  

Note that these videos show the template used previously at the college. 
See the
Blackboard Template 2020 guide to learn about the current course template. 

Videos included in the Blackboard Items playlist:


Additional Resources

  • See the Blackboard Help page Work With Text for additional information on the Content Editor. 
  • See Blackboard Help - Math Editor if you are teaching a subject where you need to use formulas.
  • The Copying from Word guide sheet provides some tips for avoiding formatting issues that can occur when copying from a Word document.