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Blackboard Basics Guide

Getting Help

As you are learning to use Blackboard and other technology available here at Central Penn, you may at times have questions about how to do something or desire some direction.  Help is available from a variety of sources.  Please do not ever feel like you are in this alone.  We are here to help!

Resource Description How to Access
Central Penn Help Desk Supports computers, software including Blackboard, classroom audio visual equipment, printers, and more.  For additional information please see the Information Technology Department Help Desk Service Level Agreement


4357 (On Campus)
Blackboard Help Desk

Provides 24/7 assistance for faculty and students with general questions related to Blackboard. 

Note:  For questions specific to Central Penn courses and logging in, contact the Central Penn Help Desk. 
Call the Central Penn Help Desk then press 2.
Blackboard On Demand Help

Includes online help pages and videos for both instructors and students. 

Note:  Many Help pages include information for both Blackboard Learn Original and Blackboard Learn Ultra.  Central Penn uses the Original version of Blackboard.  

Look for the On Demand Help module on the My Blackboard page. 

From within a Blackboard course, click the Blackboard Help button on the course menu.   
CTE / IT Resources Tab Includes access to web-based resources such as guide sheets, videos, and other resources related to teaching and technology.  Login to Blackboard and look for the CTE / IT Resources tab at the top of the page. 
CTE Consultations In person assistance with Blackboard, related technology, and pedagogy provided in the CTE office or via Teams.  Schedule an appointment via Outlook or Teams or initiate a Teams Chat with CTE staff at your convenience. 
McGraw-Hill LearnSmart/Connect Support McGraw Hill provides live chat, phone, and email support for faculty.  Student support is by phone.  

Access the McGraw-Hill Connect Guide.

Look for the McGraw Hill Connect Support block on the left side of the guide for faculty support information.

Student support information is included on the Connect Teaching Tips page.  Scroll down to the Student Support block. 
VoiceThread Help VoiceThread provides help pages, free workshops, a digital library of articles about ways others have used VoiceThread, and technical support.  

VoiceThread resources are available when editing or creating a VoiceThread. 

Look for the Help button to access the Help pages.

Click the Training button for access to Free Workshops and the Digital Library.

For tech support, click the About button then Contact or use this link for VoiceThread Tech Support.  Click the dropdown and choose Something doesn’t seem to be working.  Submit your issue and optionally include your phone number to communicate via phone. 

The buttons referenced above are in the lower right corner of the VoiceThread page. 

Screencast-O-Matic Help Video tutorials and online requests for assistance. 

From the web:

Click Resources to access video tutorials and articles. 

Click Submit a Ticket on the Resources page to submit a request for assistance. 

From the installed program:

Click the ? in the top right corner.  Click See help tutorials or enter information then click the Submit button to report a problem. 

 Check out the Getting Help guide sheet for a Word document version of the above contact information.