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Blackboard Basics Guide

Blackboard at Central Penn

Blackboard is one of the most widely used Learning Management System (LMS) in the United States.  An LMS is a software application used for delivering e-learning courses.  LMSs have many features that college professors use to help students meet their learning objectives. 

Central Penn College uses Blackboard Learn 9.1. 

When viewing Blackboard Help pages, be aware that help info for Learn 9.1 (also called Blackboard Original) is provided at the top of the pages.  Ignore any information related to Ultra as this does not apply to our version of Blackboard.  

Blackboard serves many purposes at Central Penn:  

Online Course Delivery Online courses are delivered 100% online using the LMS.
Blended Course Delivery Designated evening courses have one hour of online instruction + three hours of on-ground instruction.
On-ground Course Web Enhancement On-ground classes can be web-enhanced using the LMS. Faculty may use the LMS to collect assignments, engage students, or post supplemental content.  At a minimum, web-enhanced courses include professor information, the course syllabus, and student grades. 
Blackboard Days During inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances, all classes may be held online.
Course Record The LMS captures a record of course activity that may subsequently be used as documentation in administrative procedures.
Community Engagement Blackboard Community (tabs across the top of the Blackboard page) provides relevant information tailored to faculty, students, and staff.
Virtual Meetings Each Blackboard course includes a page for providing links to Microsoft Teams meetings, used for web-conferencing with individual students or the entire class.