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APA Style & Citation 7th edition

How to format your paper and cite your sources using 7th ed. APA style.

How to cite books and ebooks

The 7th edition of APA Style does not differentiate between a print book or an electronic book. Formats (Kindle) are not included except in special cases for audiobooks (see below). Also new with the 7th edition is not including the place of publication.

Author's last name, initials. (year of publication). Title of book: With only capitalization of first word of title and subtitle and any proper nouns. Publisher. DOI or URL

(Lastname, Year, p. #)

Use the information you have. If there is no DOI or URL, such as if you are looking at a print book, then there is no DOI or URL to include.

In the examples below the Reference example is followed by an example of a parenthetical in-text citation from that source. If using an electronic book that does not have page numbers, try to get as specific as possible with chapter, section, and paragraph numbers.  Refer to citations: In-Text for more information on In-Text Citations.

Only 1 Author

King, M. L., Jr. (2010). Stride toward freedom: The Montgomery story. Beacon Press.

(King, 2010)

Shelley, M. W. (1869). Frankenstein; or, the modern Prometheus. Sever, Francis, & Co.

(Shelly, 1869, p. 101)

3 or more Authors

  • Separate the authors' names with commas (up to and including 20 authors)
  • Use an ampersand (&) before the name of the last author

Swanson, C., Chamelin, N., Territo, L., & Taylor, R. W. (2012). Criminal investigation. McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

(Swanson et al., 2012)

Chapter in an edited book

Burke, W. W., & Nourmair, D. A. (2001). The role of personality assessment in organization development. In J. Waclawski & A. H. Church (Eds.), Organization development: A data-driven approach to organizational change (pp. 55-77). Jossey-Bass.

(Burke & Nourmair, 2001, p. 59)

Entry in a Dictionary or Encyclopedia

Posluszny, D., Spencer, S., & Baum, A. (2007). Post-traumatic stress disorder. In S. Ayers, A. Baum, C. McManus, & et. al. (Eds.), Cambridge handbook of psychology, health and medicine (2nd ed.). Cambridge University Press. 

(Posluszny et al., 2007, para. 3)

Hormone therapy. (2016). In Merriam Webster's Medical Dictionary. Merriam-Webster. 

(Hormone therapy, 2016)


If the audiobook is released in a different year than the print version then include the year the original text was release at the end in parenthesis.

Rowling, J.K. (1999). Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone (J. Dale, Narr.). [Audiobook]. Listening Library. (Original work published 1998)

(Rowling, 1998/1999)