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APA Style & Citation 7th edition

How to format your paper and cite your sources using 7th ed. APA style.


We often get questions about what to do with a PDF file found on the internet (either through a search or from a website).  PDF is a file type--just like Word or Excel are file types--that preserves text, formatting, and graphics.  PDFs display various types of content, such as brochures and reports.

Luckily, most PDFs you will want to use for school assignments and/or papers will clearly show the main information you need for any citation: Author, Date, Title, and Publication Information. 

And since you will almost always find a PDF on the internet, you'll want to include a URL:

  • If possible, use the URL that takes the reader directly to the PDF file--the URL will end with .pdf
  • Otherwise, use the URL of the website where someone can download a copy of the PDF


Author's last name, initials. (date of publication). Title of document.  Site name (if different from author).  http://Web address.pdf

Rohrig, M. (2018). A resource for healthcare professionals: Physical therapy in multiple sclerosis. National MS Society.

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. (2020, July). Highlights from the 2018 juvenile residential facility census