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APA Style & Citation 7th edition

How to format your paper and cite your sources using 7th ed. APA style.

APA and Presentations

APA has a lot of rules for formatting and citing papers. They don't really have rules for when you are creating a presentation or infographic. What we recommend is a blending of the rules APA has set out for papers and best practices for creating presentations and infographics.

In other words, you are going to bend the rules of APA to what looks best in your presentation. For example, the initial slide of your PowerPoint should contain the same information as your title page. The formatting will probably be different as 10-12 point font (as required by papers) is probably too small to be easily read during a presentation. You also probably don't want full paragraphs on your slides. People end up reading the slide, rather than listening to you, and it is visually unappealing.

You still need to cite! Yes, that includes images. Unless they are stock or clip art images from within the program you are using, you will need an in-text citation and corresponding reference. Visit the other sections of this guide for examples on how to cite.

If your instructor has provided any guidelines, follow them.

This video provides a great example on how to create a PowerPoint incorporating APA guidelines. A few things to clarify:

  • Use an in-text citation with figures and images. A corresponding reference should be on your References slide.
  • Do not lump in-text citations together, each line that has a quote or paraphrase needs an in-text citation.